The promotional photo for Un(mother) - 9 separate squares with a brightly recoloured image with eggs in it. 'Un(mother)' is written in bold white text in the middle box.

Come, join us on a journey through our Otherhood.
Hear our voices and join the chorus.
It’s time we told the stories of the other side…

In early 2021 a chorus of poets and writers from across the UK and beyond came together to explore childlessness in 21st Century society from a myriad of perspectives. From our weeks of gentle writing and insightful discussions, we made a thoughtful and sensitive poetry-film titled ‘Un(mother)’ (now available on YouTube) alongside an accompanying book of words.

This project has been turned into an ‘on demand’ course for anyone who would like to explore these topics creatively. Scroll down for more information.

Un(Mother): The Book

The Un(Mother) anthology of words contains 50 poems exploring being childless or childfree in 21st Century society. It is an incredible collection of words – whatever your story or path, you will find hearts to relate to inside the pages. You can purchase the book here (paid link) or by clicking on the image.

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Un(Mother): Creative Writing Course

Want to write about the experience of childlessness or being childfree? I have set up a short course to help inspire your writing around this. The Un(mother) course is delivered directly via email and can be taken at any time at your pace – there are no zooms! The course includes:

  • 14 poetry prompts, delivered to your inbox once a day for two weeks.
  • “Recommended reading” for the day – suggestions of other places to find inspiration to write about being childless, including books, articles, videos and websites.

If you’d like, you can also add feedback to your package – send me 1 or 3 poems (depending on package) written during the course for me to provide detailed feedback on.

You don’t need any writing experience to take part – and if you choose to write essay or story, that fits well too. The prompts are yours forever! This course is suitable for those who are child free for any reason: by choice or not by choice, trying or not trying, undecided or happily childfree – there will be inspiration in there for you.

The basic course costs £15. The course plus detailed feedback on 1 poem costs £25, and for 3 poems its £35. You can book anytime via the dropdown below. Once you have paid please contact me with your email address to begin the course:

Un(Mother) – Course Options

Terms and Conditions:
– There are no refunds on course fees once you have begun the course.
– Course materials must not be shared with others under any circumstances.

Un(Mother): The Film

This poetry-film, originally created and curated by Jessica Boatright for the Brighton Fringe 2021 and hosted at digital venue The Living Record, amplifies the voices of all women who do not have children: from those who chose this path, to women whose bodies or circumstances made that choice for them, as well as women who were contemplating the path they wanted to take. It is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt other to mother.

It features words from Betty Doyle, Christine Papangelis, Georgia Spooner, Helen Murray Taylor, Jill Lauriston, Jo Gilbert, Josie Moon, Leanne Moden, Lynn Valentine, Michelle Mangal, Rosie Stewart, Russila Moodley, Sam Burns, Selina E, Susan Darlington, Tassmin Williamson, Terhi K. Cherry and Wendy Mundy.

You can watch it on YouTube here.

CW: miscarriage, IVF, baby loss and infertility