Inspiration, Creativity and Support
for Early Career Poets

Picture the scene: it’s Sunday afternoon and you are sitting at your kitchen table with a hot cup of tea, a new notebook open on a fresh blank page, a de-lidded pen and maybe a couple of biscuits on a plate in front of you (motivation!). You have waited all week for work to be out of the way, for the dog to sleep, for the most monotonous of chores to be done so that you can just write all those words that have been swimming around your head for days… But now you’re here? Nothing. You pick up your pen… and put it down again. And repeat. Then – ping! What’s that? Facebook? Oh there might be an important cat video i need to see – scroll… scroll…scroll – and suddenly, Sunday afternoon is gone. Shucks.

Sound familiar?!

Growing Poetry is here to give writers a gentle kick to move past the horror of the blank page and to freely write.

We inspire poets to flourish creatively, releasing themselves from the barriers that they have unknowingly put in place. We are experts at scaring away the dreaded mythical “writers block,” of putting a pause on procrastination and sparking early career writers to fight past the inevitable rejections and keep putting words on the page – and to have fun whilst doing so!